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Michael Moorcock - Elric at the End of Time, The Seventh Book of Elric MelnibonÚ

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This volume consists of several Elric short stories. The first, eponymous one, took me completely by surprise. It was an all-out spoof of the fantasy genre in general, and of Elric in particular.  
Tongue planted oh-so-firmly in cheek, Moorcock spends almost 70 pages skewering his own melancholic albino prince.  
How can any true Elric fan resist lines like these: [To Elric] "You are very welcome here," said Werther. "I cannot tell you how glad I am to meet one as essentially morbid and self-pitying as myself!"  
Or Werther's first assessment of Elric: "What a marvellous scowl! What a noble sneer!"  
DAW fantasy (1985), 221 blz. 
Paperback. In zeer goede+ staat.

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