Fanny Joly-Berbesson and Dr. Brigitte Boucher - Marceau Bonappétit Illustrations by Agnès Mathieu

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When his parents go away for the weekend to visit Aunt Madeleine, a young French mouse has his meals with friends.  
The Hubbubs' house is so disruptive and confusing that Marceau gets nothing to eat at all. There's no time for breakfast before school so, poor mouse, he faints in class.  
Lunch at the Gobblealls is pure junk food, which leaves the little mouse full but ill.  
Dinner at the Dreary's is as drab and dull as the hosts' name. Too much of every thing is offered at breakfast on Sunday at the Stuffer's home.  
Before Marceau's parents arrive home, there is one last, unhealthy meal to endure with the Norbread-Norwater family.  
By the time his parents return, young Marceau has learned his nutrition lesson, written in a letter to Aunt Madeleine that closes the book.  
The stylized illustrations have a certain appeal as they depict in great detail the humanoid mice. 
Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Press, 1989/1984, 1st printing US. 32 blz. 
Gebonden (gekartonneerd), afm. 21 x 21 cm. 
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