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Brenda Maddox - Whoīs Afraid of Elizabeth Taylor?

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This book is an exposure of a pyblic myth: of Taylor's private as well as public life - her marraiges, her obsession with jewellery, her love for children.  
For thirty years she was someone who lived off her looks; spent her youth looking for great love in marraige and realized too late that she could be good at her job. She epitomizes the days when the prettiest girl had to have a man at her side or she was nothing. 
This is a thoroughly sharp, perceptive, and entertaining portrait. 
M. Evans and Company, Inc (1977), 252 blz. 
Met zwart-wit foto's. 
Gebonden (linnen) met wat smoezelige stofomslag. 
Het boek zelf is in zeer goede staat.