I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown!

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Bestelnummer: 11-0105


Rerun is introduced into the gang as Linus and Lucy's baby brother who desperately wants a dog for Christmas. However, his mother thinks that dogs are too much trouble and doesn't want one. Lucy says the same thing.  
So, Rerun goes over to Charlie Brown's house and asks if his dog could come out for basketball. Snoopy dashes out of the house, shoots a couple of baskets, passes it to Rerun then goes back in.  
When Rerun asks if he will come out to just play with cookies as a reward, Snoopy obliges and plays all day with him.  
Rerun has an idea when Snoopy gets a letter from his brother Spike - have Spike come to visit and be his dog. Spike comes and has a great time with Rerun, Linus and Lucy. Lucy acts as nurse when she decides that Spike is just too thin and needs to be fed milkshakes. Afterwards, they play all day and have a glorious time - Spike even brings a cactus with him as a reminder of his home.  
However, once again, Rerun's mother says that Spike cannot stay so off Spike goes to the desert to live once again.  
In order to take Rerun's mind off of the dog, Lucy has signed him up for a part in the Christmas play. He remembers his line, which talks about the real meaning of Christmas, and thus Rerun learns that it isn't about what you do or do not get for Christmas - it is about the birth of the Christ child. After that, Rerun realizes what the meaning of the season is and is quite happy.  
Little Simon (2004), 32 blz. 
Gekartonneerd afm. 23 x 29 cm. 
Naam en opdracht op schutblad, kaft wat smoezelig, verder in goede+ staat.