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The Greatest Cat Stories Ever Told, edited by Charles Elliott 30 Incredible Tales by Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Dorothy L. Sayers, and many others

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Fascinating, frustrating, frolicsome, or frostyóthis treasury filled with 30 tales of memorable felines is a testament to the amazing variety of kitty personalities.  
Who knows what goes on in their furry little heads? Some of our most famous writers have tackled that question in this perfect gift for any cat lover.  
See what they've come up with in yarns that feature protagonists as diverse as P.G. Wodehouse's whimsical Webster in the eponymous "The Story of Webster" and Edgar Allan Poe's chillingly nameless feline in "The Black Cat."  
Gramercy Books (2001), 288 blz. 
Gebonden (gekartonneerd) met licht beschadigde stofomslag. 
Hoekje rechts boven wat verkreukeld. 
Afm. 16,5 x 24 cm.

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